Why Reliant?

Client Centered Philosophy: We don’t just plan around dollar amounts, we tailor financial strategy around our clients and their lives.  Our passion is to come along side our clients as a trusted partner in their success.  We love to see our clients prosper and grow in their endeavors, to enjoy rich and productive lives during both their working years and their retirement.

Goal Based Strategy: Expanding a Business, Growing Resources for Retirement, Building Flexible Assets that can be used to Build Wealth and Support other Endeavors… Whatever the objective, we can help.  We’ve found that client’s lives and goals are multi-faceted and in many cases, they overlap. 

Relationship: Our clients are not numbers they are people.  Stemming from our founder’s faith and understanding that each person is created in God’s image and worth being treated with love, dignity and honor, we value our clients as people and regard them as friends and we strive to treat them with an attitude of service befitting the trust that they have shared with us.

Our goal is not just to place transactions or provide a service.  We believe that our office exists for the purpose of building life-long relationships in which we have the honor of playing a supportive role in the lives and success of others.

Integrated Solutions: The economy, the markets and the arenas of business planning and retirement/investment strategy are always evolving.  The last couple of decades have posed immense changes that affect the success of a person’s monetary strategy. 

That is why we believe that our ability to provide integrated solutions is not just a competitive edge but also a vital asset to our clients.  When designing strategies for clients, we pull from a wide range of solutions in order to created a custom blend of elements whose outcome can provide advantages for the client above just a single type of solution.